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That's the word on the street, that's what you see in a walk around our neighborhoods, and that's got to change. 


City Hall has been thinking "big" for too long; waiting for that big game changing project.  It's time they started to value small businesses.  Successful small businesses will revitalize our core neighborhoods one storefront at a time. Small businesses give local residents a place to work and a place to meet.  Small businesses give tourists another reason to step off the beach and explore our neighborhoods.  Solid communities are built around small businesses.


On Main Street, we need our small businesses to be open and lively all year, not just during special events.  City Hall should help by rewriting and then fully enforcing the Bike Week Master Plan.  With proper leadership, the CRA could provide funding for facade grants and beautification.  

With all the tax revenue coming in from the big new development, City Hall could establish and fund a small business ombudsman position.  It could be someone's JOB to welcome new small businesses, smooth their path to success, and run a beautification grant program for existing small businesses that are not in CRAs.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community.  NOW is the time for City Hall to start thinking small so we can win big.

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