NOW is the time to build a truly bright future for Daytona Beach.

NOW is the time for a City Commission ready to explore creative ideas, to engage in lively discussion, and to give clear direction to the City Manager.

NOW is the time for change!

Here are a few changes I'd like to see, how about you?

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Hold City Manager Accountable
Too much control, not enough supervision.
Balance Big Development
Its not just about their profit and growth.
Enforce Our Code
THE critical need in our core neighborhoods.
Better Managment of CRAs
Follow our money! Spend it wisely.
Let's Get Friendly
Small business drives big change.
Workforce Housing
No one should work full-time and be homeless.
Beyond First Step Shelter
We need a comprehensive plan, sooner rather than later.
A More Diverse City Hall
Build a city staff to reflect the diversity of our community.
Lettuce Talk
A silly name for important conversations.
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I moved to Daytona Beach five years ago.  Three years ago I decided it was time to step up and get involved.   Since then, I've been a regular at City Commission meetings, redevelopment meetings, and neighborhood meetings.  I've done countless hours of research on CRA spending.  I sit on the Nuisance Abatement Board. I am chairman of the Beachside Neighborhood Watch,  I am a co-founder of Citizens 4 Responsible Development

And now, I would like to be your voice on the City Commission.  I am creative, detail oriented, relentlessly curious, and results-driven.  I believe in making decisions based on facts, with a complete understanding of the issues.  Every day at work, I deal with complex issues as part of a team, solving problems so we can drive to conclusion. 

Our community speaks with one voice at City Hall and that's through the City Commission.  Each zone may have different issues but in the end, it's the vote of the entire Commission that shapes our community.  


Your Commissioner needs to be able to understand your issues, needs to be able to understand the complex issues before the Commission, and needs to be able to make fact-based arguments with the passion to persuade.  That's how YOUR voice can shape our community.